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June 3, 2017
Box Hill Picnic at Lavender Farm in Escalon

Austen's All in the countryside
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In Jane's spirit of the day... Treats du jour
Box Hill, enjoying the day as Jane would appreciate Nina Edmondson
A walk at Lavender Hollow
A walk at Lavender Hollow

December 5, 2015
Jane Austen's Birthday Celebration Afternoon Tea

The gathering... as many as a single photo can include
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Speaker Iris Lutz
in conversation with Nina Edmondson
Regional Coordinator
Nina Edmondson
at the podium
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September 13, 2014 Regular Meeting,
"Waiting for the Post"

Anna Morton and Lori Baldwin are ready for "In Her Own Words," a readers theater presentation compiled from Jane Austen's personal letters. Kathy Stephens coaches how to "cross hatch" letters to maximize the space on the paper and fold and seal it for mailing without envelopes.
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March 8, 2014 Regular Meeting

Regional coordinator Nina Edmondson with speakers David Bell and Rachel Dodge Margaret Horwitz shows 'goodie bag' from 2013 Annual General Meeting as she givers her impressions of that meeting.
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David Bell and Rachel Dodge made a compelling case
for "Why M.P. is better than P&P." P&P is life
as we'd like it, M.P. is life as it is.
Kathleen Alderfer was the luck door prize winner of an "Austenland" DVD.
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